Why Should Public Services Take Shredding Seriously?

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Why Should Public Services Take Shredding Seriously?

Public services are essential to the functioning and day to day running of any society. In this role, they are large organisations that deal with vast amounts of citizens. Therefore, they collect and handle extraordinary amounts of personal and sensitive information. Handling and disposing of this sensitive information is imperative for the protection of citizens, employees, and the public health service itself. Here, the need for shredding in public services is put forward – showing that public services should be taking shredding seriously.

It’s the law

Disposing of sensitive information appropriately is part of the United Kingdom’s Data Protection Act, which is an extension of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation. Stricter laws with more severe punishments make it more important than ever that personal information is handled and erased responsibly. This is especially important for public services who deal with large quantities of sensitive information.

Onsite shredding

Mobile shredding is a great way of disposing of sensitive information. As the shredding company disposes of your confidential waste onsite, there is no need to invest in professional shredders that can have high upfront costs. The mobile shredding company will also transport and recycle your shredded waste, negating the potential issues surrounding transporting sensitive information whilst saving your employees time. An example of a professional, experienced mobile shred company is https://ontimeshred.co.uk.

Health and safety

Vast amount of paper in storage represents a significant fire hazard that should be dealt with. Shredding effectively solves this problem and reduces the risk for your employees.

Protects against crime

Identity theft and blackmail are serious crimes that can ruin a person’s life. They can be caused by the mishandling of personal and sensitive information. Shredding can stop unauthorised individuals from accessing any confidential information, protecting citizens and employees.

Time management and space

Traditional methods of the disposal of paper waste are time consuming and require significant Amounts of paper in storage. This can hinder your employees from working effectively as they try to destroy large amounts of paper information. Utilising shredding services enables these workers to be focused on their primary tasks and frees up space within your work buildings for other affairs and storage.


Shredding takes away the hassle from recycling by providing accessible waste that is easily placed into bags. These can then be transported quickly to recycling depots. Shredding can help make the public service ‘greener’ and reduce its environmental impact.

Shredding enables public services to operate more efficiently whilst properly handling sensitive information. Citizens have more faith in public services that are seen to be trustworthy with handling sensitive information and disposing of it responsibly. Shredding is a tool that should be utilised by all public health services to maximise their effectiveness.

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