What Are Speed Bumps And How They Are Useful?

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What Are Speed Bumps And How They Are Useful?

Speed bumps are basically the traffic calming devices that use the phenomenon of vertical deflection in order to slow down the vehicular traffic and make sure that proper safety conditions are being followed on the roads.

How do speed bumps work?

The vertical deflection is actually a measure of how far the gravity direction has been shifted at a point on the Earth’s surface due to the disturbances and abnormalities present on the Earth’s surface. This helps in deciding the height of the bump and also the width of the bump as per the geophysical conditions of particular vicinity.

Generally, the prescribed and safe limits of constructing the speed bumps are fixed at maximum 3-4 inches wide and maximum 12 inches long. This limit is decided keeping in mind that the speed bumps are neither too high nor too low for the vehicles.

Uses of speed bumps

  • To slow down the speed of a fast running vehicle and lower its momentum so as to let the driver remember to drive within safe limits.
  • Speed bumps are there to reduce the risk of over-speeding vehicles and the risk of accidents. The bumpy roads do not let the vehicle speed up high because you need to slow down often.
  • If you drive fast on these speed bumps then they may cause some damage to the vehicle due to the shock it generates as soon as any speedy vehicle drives over them.
  • At times, the speed bumps divert huge traffic to neighborhood routes and thus allow the way to Emergency vehicles.

How to get speed bumps installed in your area?

  • If you are troubled with the heavy high-speed traffic in your locality, then you can sign a petition for getting speed bumps installed in your area.
  • Once everyone agrees to your idea of installing the speed bumps, you need to fill the details of getting the speed bumps in your area. These details include the starting and end point in between which you need the speed bump.
  • On an average installation of any speed bumps cost 4500$ approximately.

Speed bumps are really important to make sure that proper safety measures are being followed in any vicinity. You can get the in-depth knowledge about the speed bumps at Trafficlogix.com.

Life is the most valuable asset. Better know and use the traffic signs and traffic calming devices wisely to save lives and avoid casualties.

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