Peter Loftin-an Inspiration

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Peter Loftin-an Inspiration

Peter Loftin made his presence felt in the business industry in the year 1983 by founding Business Telecom Inc. It not only made its mark in America, but it established itself as the largest company of telecommunication in the world. Born in North Carolina, Peter Loftin does not come from a rich family but he proved that right vision and hard work are the two tools to win big battles.

Loftin started his business at a very early age. He was a college dropout but wanted to do something big and finally his struggle paid off. Who knew, the person who was selling phones door to door, will one day start the nation’s biggest company and reach his goal also.

Success comes only to those that dream big and work with persistence, determination, practice, and hard work and Peter Loftin is a living example of this. Being the biggest company of the nation, it has given employment to thousands thus successfully reducing the unemployment rate in Raleigh city in North Carolina.

Peter Loftin and His Career: After establishing BTI, Peter got the “Entrepreneur of the Year” award by Business North Carolina Magazine. After getting success in the telecommunication sector, he gave free internet services to the disabled students in the rural areas of North Carolina. It was one of his charity works which lead to many other such works. Seeing the generous works of Peter, he got the award “Corporate Citizen of the Year’ by North Carolina Electronics and Information Technologies Association (NCEITA).

James B. Hunt, the then Governor General of North Carolina recognized his noble acts publically. Mayor of Raleigh, Tom Fetzer, also bestowed upon him the award of being the single biggest contributor to the growth of Raleigh city. Recently, in 2016, he founded one of the largest whiskey distilleries in New York with the name Bardstown and Bourbon. Loftin, himself is the chairman of the company. Peter Loftin also founded Cm3 group which works against terrorism with the association of Richard Shaffer and Mr. Michael Haley. His hard work and achievements are respected a lot among people.

An Inspiration to Many: It is true that Peter Loftin earned huge success in every business venture he started but his success made him all the more humble and modest person who finds happiness by helping others. From the very starting Peter loved to do charity works and at the age of 20, he started a charity program “Coats for Kids” for underprivileged children. Under this program, the institution used to distribute warm coats to children in winters. There is a never-ending list of his charitable works. Loftin knows well how to give back to the society that has given him so much and for this reason after 9/11, he became the member of National Boards of Governors of the American Red Cross.

Peter Loftin is also associated with American Lung Association. He founded a camp known as “Camp BTI” to encourage art among children. Loftin is a person who has become an inspiration for many as his life is full of experiences, events, and passion to achieve dreams.

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