LH-Crypto – a promising broker or another fraud?

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LH-Crypto – a promising broker or another fraud?

Modern technology does not stand still, constantly something new and amazing comes to the world. It happened with virtual currency. Initially, she surprised people, society did not understand how to earn money with its help. Now, these coins do not surprise anyone, so there are many services that sell the crypt. Classic crypt trading looks like this:

  1. Purchase of virtual coins through individuals or exchangers;
  1. Waiting for the growth of the cost of the selected crypt;
  1. Search for a buyer with a positive price change.

Such a scheme is literally woven from risks. First, the commission when buying coins can be enormous. Secondly, the growth of value can be expected for a very long time. Thirdly, it is difficult to quickly find a crypt buyer. How to act if this scheme is so risky? The answer is simple – contact the broker.

For a sufficiently long period, brokers optimized for work with crypts are functioning successfully. What privileges are waiting for clients of crypto-brokers?

  1. The lack of independent search of the crypt seller, because the account can be opened directly in the crypt, replenishing in fiatnom currency;
  1. Contracts for difference allow to make a forecast not only for growth, but also for a fall in value;
  1. Do not look for a buyer of the crypt, it is enough to make an accurate forecast.

LH-Crypto is an advanced service in the field of cryptotrading. In addition to virtual currency contracts, the service provides margin trading. Currently LH-Crypto is the flagship in its field. Where did it all begin?

The story begins more than 14 years ago, when the brokerage organization Larson&Holz was opened. The company was focused on Russian-speaking clients to promote exchange trading in the CIS countries. For more than a decade of successful work, the company has expanded its client base to unimaginable scales. Cooperation is conducted with citizens of dozens of world countries. In 2017, the organization’s management decided to conduct ICO (Initial Coin Offering). This process means attracting third-party investments to issue your own crypt. More than 12 thousand investors supported the project, for which they received tokens. Within two months, LH-Crypto became a full-time online broker operating on a separate site.

Advantages of LH-Crypto

LH-Crypto is a multi-financial crypto-broker. The trading platform allows trading in the same way as on the exchange. However, in comparison with the traditional exchange service has its specific features:

  • From a single account, you can trade any financial instruments (Forex, precious metals, hundreds of stocks, commodities, raw materials and virtual currency);
  • All transactions are conducted with premium leverage. Thus, users can sell and buy various assets in the amount of 100, 200 and even 500 times more than the amount of own funds in the account;
  • Trade is made by various financial instruments, the total number of which is more than 200 pieces. The broker will automatically provide you with this tool for sale, and after closing the transaction, the financial result will be credited to the trader’s account;
  • All instruments are available in CFD contract format. That is, by buying or selling an asset, you do not physically acquire it, but earn by changing the price of this instrument;
  • The latest version of the trading terminal – Metatrader5. High-tech solution for professional users, their own unique extensions (mobile applications, plug-ins);
  • Deposit replenishment through bank payments, card transfers and from electronic wallets;
  • Automatic and manual withdrawal of funds to the most popular payment systems. At the same time, no commission is charged for the withdrawal;
  • Commission is minimal: Forex transactions from 0.01%, for the purchase or sale of a crypt 0.5%;
  • OTC bargaining technology. The transaction is almost instantly, at the current best price, with one click. Execution time from milliseconds to 3-5 seconds in moments of strong volatility. Practically does not depend on the volume, liquidity and direction of the transaction.


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