How to Transform Your Company Image

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How to Transform Your Company Image

This is an era when most successful business-minded individuals, CEOs or companies have climate change somewhere on their radar. Within the corporate world, pressure to perform well and to bring in profit can be immense. Whatever goods or resources your business purveys, both your employees and guests to your headquarters are likely to exit with an overwhelmingly positive impression of what you do, if you take the time and spend the money to bring a more vibrant shade of green to the heart of what you do. Click here to learn how to transform your company image using the power of garden design, hard landscape and plants.

3 Reasons Why a Green Appearance is Best

  • Many successful businesses are located in cities. Who wouldn’t pay attention to an oasis of green amidst a concrete jungle?
  • Trees and plants don’t just provide more oxygen. Research by many mental health charities indicates that being in nature can have a hugely positive impact on your state of mind. Just a few of these are an increase to self-esteem, inspiration to get outside and exercise, and stimulate your thought processes. Who would not want to harness those benefits for their workforce?
  • Every day, 100,000 acres of forest are cut down. This is a fact. Once, your business headquarters might have been in a forest. Do your bit today by harmonising bare bricks and mortar with some plant life.

If you’re still in doubt, here is what charity Mind has to say about why being in nature is good for you.. Use landscaping to harness just a fraction of nature’s benefits.

3 Aspects of Landscaping that Make a Difference

  • Harmonising bare stone or concrete with climbing plants, trees and shrubs. Select plants that contribute a bit of colour during every season of the year
  • Adding a water feature, a pool or a fountain to an otherwise unfurnished courtyard. Water can create life, movement, and the sound of flowing or falling water can soothe us in a primal way.
  • Creating living barriers where you don’t want feet to fall. If employees or members of the public are naturally drawn to take routes that are causing damage, erosion or annoyance, why not install a prickly but attractive hedge? Then they’ll have no choice but to divert the way you want them to.

Here are the 10 best company headquarters in the world. 3rd in the list are the Nike headquarters at Oregon, which are built with a large, tranquil lake at their heart. Seen from above, your business could similarly appear like a garden of Eden amongst a waste of brimstone. Gardening and landscaping are caring and innovative tools to use, to transform your company image.

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