How To Select A Paper Shredder Depending On Your Usage?

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How To Select A Paper Shredder Depending On Your Usage?

Paper shredders are security essentials that one actually doesn’t even realize is the only barrier between document security and identity theft. It is important to realize the requirement of paper shredders in offices and even household, especially when it comes to important documents and data that could put to risk one’s security and safety. Selecting a paper shredder as per your office requirement is essential.

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Here’s how to purchase a paper shredder:

1) Depending on the number of people using it, you will have to purchase multiple shredders so that everyone has access to the same.

2) Depending on the number and amount of paper going to be shred, one has to make sure that the shredder isn’t overloaded. One can buy a heavy-duty paper shredder for bulk action.

3) Depending on the size of the paper to be shred. This is one of the most important things to keep in mind while purchasing a shredder. Keep the size of office stationary papers in mind while looking out for one.

4) Depending on the type of security that you have been looking for. A shredder can shred the paper into various shapes like strip cut, confetti cut, cross cut etc. Also, there are a variety of CD shredders that help to carefully discard other essentials like Floppy disk, CD, credit cards etc. into small strips, long strips, and even unidentifiable particles if you want.

Depending on the location of usage one can find different grades of shredders like:

1) Home paper shredders

These can be used to shred personal bank statements, receipts, canceled cheques, junk mails and other printed items of importance that are needed to be discarded.

2) Office paper shredders

These include anything and everything from your papers to cards, disks, and floppy etc. As per government compliance rules, it is essential that documents of importance be shredded after usage to avoid data theft. This is the least one can do at the personal level to secure their interests.

3) Industrial paper shredders

These are the heavy build machines that can shred papers of various departments from the entire organization at the same time. These are used in big offices where there are many departments to look after.

Thus, selecting a paper shredder as per the requirement is quite a task. Paper shredder from 123ink Canada can help you secure your data with ease.


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