5 Things to Do After a Car Crash

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5 Things to Do After a Car Crash

Are you involved in a car accident in Houston, Texas? Are you pondering on your next move? It’s advisable to get a car crash lawyer Houston to help you with your case. Here are five things you should do after a car crash.

Do I Have to Stop the Car?

Some drivers opt to drive away after getting a car crash. Instead, you should stop and confirm that there are no injuries whatsoever. Once the other motorist confirms that all victims are safe, you are free to take off. If you drive off from an accident scene yet one of the passengers is injured, you may be charged with a hit and run crime even though you might be innocent. Hiring a reputable car crash lawyer Houston is vital.

Before you start inspecting your car, it’s advisable to confirm that everyone is okay. In case a passenger is hurt, seek medical attention from a skilled physician. Also, you can contact a nearby hospital and request an ambulance. Also, if any victim is unconscious or they are complaining of severe back or neck pain, avoid moving them as it could worsen their injury. 

Why is it Important to Protect the Scene and Contact the Police?

After a car accident occurs, it’s advisable not to tamper with any of the affected automobiles. However, if the scene is at a dangerous location such as at a corner, other motorists might not notice the crash on time thus causing more accidents. First, you should place neon triangles to alert other drivers. However, avoid stepping into oncoming traffic.

Moreover, you urgently need to contact the police in the event of property damage. After the law enforcers arrive, brief them on what happened. However, avoid giving information that you aren’t certain about.

Why Should I Seek Medical Attention?

Often, some car crash injuries don’t show up during an accident. You might start feeling some mild or severe pain several days after the crash. If one isn’t sure if they got hurt, they should visit a nearby hospital to get a full body scan. 

Is it Necessary to Contact My Attorney and Insurance Firm?

If you got injured in the car crash, contact your car crash lawyer Houston to protect your rights. Also, they will guide you on how to make an insurance claim. Moreover, it’s vital to call your insurer soon after the accident occurs and to inform them about it. 

In case you get involved in a car crash, it’s advisable to urgently hire a car crash lawyer Houston especially if you caused the accident. Johnson Garcia LLP has renowned accident attorneys who have helped numerous clients to win their lawsuits. Contact us via 832-241-5465 for a free consultation.


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