4 Common Pitfalls to Avoid While Hiring Customs Brokerage Services

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4 Common Pitfalls to Avoid While Hiring Customs Brokerage Services

Customs brokerage services are required by importers to get the shipment cleared from the port of transit. The person in charge should be a registered member to be able to carry out the procedure. Since most companies do not have this facility within the organization, the services are hired for the same from professional brokerage firms such as Clearit USA. When hiring these firms, you have to be careful and avoid making some common mistakes:

  1. Not Verifying the Firm’s Credentials

Even if a brokerage firm has been recommended to you by a friend or client, you must verify its credentials and find out about their knowledge and experience. It is possible that your friend had used their services for a completely different category and they lack experience in your industry.

  1. Not Checking Their Associated Logistics Partners

For a customs broker, it is important to have a good logistics partners for functions like storage and transportation. They should also have associates positioned in other ports in case a shipment requires passing through multiple ports of entry. If this facility is lacking, it could delay the delivery of your goods

  1. Not Asking for a Backup Team Member to Work on Your Account

Often, an account is handed over to one service manager for the client and he or she would be the only person you would know in the organization. In case of any query or an emergency, this is the person you will get in touch with. In case of a situation, wherein this member is not available, you would not be able to get any information on the status of your shipment. It is important that you ask for a team and not an individual for your account.

  1. Not Confirming the Brokers’ Status with the Customs Office

It is important to check the relationship between the brokerage firm and the customs. If the broker has been given a warning for a violation or has been penalized for any irresponsible transactions, it is possible that your shipment will go through extra security procedures before being released. On the other hand, a clean record would indicate trust and lead to an early release of the shipment.

Check the brokerage firm thoroughly before you commit to hire them. It could prove detrimental for your business if things don’t run as smoothly after signing a contract with them.

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