3 Reasons That You Should Hire Custom Brokers For Importing Automobiles

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3 Reasons That You Should Hire Custom Brokers For Importing Automobiles

If you’re looking forward to import vehicles in Canada, it is custom brokers that you need. Custom brokers as individuals or a company take care of all the complicated steps that you otherwise have to go through in order to get the clearance when importing goods and items. However, since the task is quite complex and a lot of legal procedures have to be done, it is most important that you hire genuine companies like Clearit car importing so that everything is taken care of.

3 Benefits of Hiring Custom Brokers That You Must Know About

Other than the fact that custom brokers tackle all legal complications and requirements, there are some more benefits of hiring them. Some of the most alluring ones are listed below.

  • Saves Money – Getting custom clearance is quite an expensive procedure. And custom brokers offer multiple services at low rates. You can always choose or customize the services that you need in order to bring down the cost further.
  • Saves Time and Effort – Clearly, importing cars has a lot of legal restrictions. Running around to fulfill all the needs yourself is not just time consuming, but also stressful. On the other hand, if you hire custom brokers for the job, you need to do nothing and all the work is taken care of at their end.
  • Offer Step-by-Step Services – If there’s a single step that’s missed, your automobiles can be stuck at clearance. Since brokers are professionals, they give step by step services – getting AES number, getting automotive export clearance within 3 days of getting the AES number, agents to physically check the shipments while dispatch, documentation for custom release while the shipment is under transit, dispatch of import taxes to the concerned authorities, cross border coordination, final accounting documentation, and delivery of the automobile.

Other than the 3 major reasons that hiring a custom broker is far more beneficial, there are also some other features worth a mention.

  • Selection of packages according to the type and dimensions of the vehicle being imported to bring the cost down.
  • You can choose the mode of transportation – ocean, truck, and air – according to your location and budget.
  • At the time of automobiles delivery/reception, you need to provide with just a commercial invoice, and nothing else.

On a closing note, if you’re in the need of an early and urgent delivery, the fastest mode is air, but also the most expensive.

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